Sunday, May 24, 2009

28 Weeks!!

I started a blog shortly after Jacob was home from the hospital, but I didn't keep up with it and it was shut down so this is attempt number two!

I am now 28 weeks pregnant with the second addition to our family. We have decided to name her Grace and she is due to arrive the week of 7/26 via c-section. As most of you know, Jacob was born at 24w5d so 28 weeks is a huge milestone for me! When I went into pre-term labor with Jacob they assured me that I should have no problem making it to 28 weeks which is the first big goal with women who threaten to deliver early. It seems 28 weeks is the magic number as far as development goes. Although nobody *wants* their baby born at 28 weeks, at this point the baby has fully developed organs and has an 80-90% chance of survival. The only issues now would be size (still only around 2.5 pounds), lung development, growing and eating. Here is a belly pic for your enjoyment. :)

This week I met with my Perinatologist for the very last time. I have been monitored bi-weekly with ultrasounds to check my cervical length since an incompetent cervix sent me into labor early with Jacob. They were only following me until week 28 and now I have been turned over to my OB until my scheduled c-section. I am also receiving weekly shots of Progesterone to stop any pre-term labor I might have (contractions). So far, so good!!

Jacob is now 14 months old (10.5 months adjusted) and has started crawling in the last month or two. He started with an army crawl which he is very efficient at now. He has just this past week started crawling on his hands and knees, but he alternates between hands/knees and his army crawl. He has two bottom teeth, is eating just about everything as far as table food goes and is starting to try and pull up on things. He will be cruising in no time! I am amazed at how well he has done. He is our little miracle and we thank God for him every day. It is hard to believe that a year ago this Memorial Day weekend we were visiting him in Boston and he was not even 4 pounds! He was already 2 months old and we had just started trying to breastfeed because he was finally old enough. He has come a long way from the fragile, one pound boy that he was last year!

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