Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nine Months

Eli, you are 9 months old! (pictures for these month posts coming soon....promise!)

You have officially been an outside baby longer than you were an inside baby!

This has been another banner month for you. A few days after you hit 8 months you got your second tooth! Only two days after that you were able to put yourself into a sitting position and abandoned the army crawl to crawl on your knees full time. You are now pulling to stand as well and I am starting to think you'll be an early walker!

You are still wearing size 4 diapers and wear some 6-12 and mostly 12-18 month clothes.

This week you had your 9 month well visit! Here are your stats:

Height: 28.3 inches (51%)
Weight: 20 lb 7 oz (64%)
Head: 45.5 cm (65%)

Your percentiles dropped significantly from your last well visit so your growth has definitely slowed. Good thing too because there is only 10 pounds separating you from your 4 year old brother! The next time you go back to the Pediatrician you will be ONE YEAR OLD!

This month I decided to pack up the Pack N Play and put you in your crib. I have been hesitating to do this since you will temporarily be sharing a room with Grace and it is still hit or miss whether or not you sleep through the night. I was nervous about you waking her up and everyone being up at 3 am, but you have been in there for a couple of weeks and you only got up a couple of times before 5 am! I am hoping that getting you to sleep in your crib was just what we needed to get you to sleep through the night!
You weigh around 20 pounds, and it was getting hard to carry you in the bucket seat, so we have graduated to the big boy car seat now! You love being in more of a sitting up position and looking out the window! You also have a better view of your siblings in the backseat who like to make goofy faces at you. :)

We also retired the baby bathtub and have started throwing you in the big tub with Jacob and Grace. It is much easier giving you all baths at once and Jacob and Grace think it is so funny having you in there with them.

I can't believe how big you are getting. I walked around the corner from the kitchen the other day and you were standing at the gate waiting for me to come back. I couldn't believe how big you looked standing there like a big boy. I feel like just yesterday I was snuggling you in the hospital and waiting for your brother and sister to get there to meet you. When I was pregnant, I remember wondering who you would like and I couldn't wait to meet you. When you were a few months old, I remember wondering what you would be like and how much you would've changed on your first birthday. Here we are only a few months away and I find myself wondering what you will be doing this time next year and I know it will be here sooner than I can imagine.

You've only been here for 9 months and I can't even remember life before you came. You are such a blessing and we love you so much. I hope you always know how special you are.

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