Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat

Jacob has had an awful cough for a month now. We saw a substitute Pediatrician over Columbus Day weekend since our Pediatrician was out of town and he diagnosed Jacob with bronchiolitis and told us if he was going to get worse it was going to be within 24-36 hours. He never got worse, but he wasn't getting better either so on Monday I decided to take him back to our Pediatrician and have a second look. Turns out our poor boy has a double ear infection. The Pedi said it looks like one of his ears has already started to heal on its own which makes me sad because he has probably had it for a month. He wasn't miserable or upset at all so it didn't seem to be bothering him, but he had the most horrific sounding cough that was waking him up at night and was probably caused from drainage. We started a round of Amoxicillin and in 10 days Jacob should be as good as new!

This year we decided to take Jacob trick-or-treating which basically consisted of us walking next door. It was fun to dress him up as a Chicken since we call him our little chicken wing (as if you didn't know from the name of our blog!) and we dressed Grace up in Jacob's pea pod bunting from last year. We bought 150 pieces of candy and after giving out only one piece to each kid we only had 10 or so pieces left so we had a busy night this year. Here is a picture of the kids in their costumes:
Ian has had the week off so we have been tackling countless projects around the house that have been sitting since last Fall. This weekend we were able to get the shutters off the house, paint the house and the exterior door. Tomorrow we hope to make a trip to Home Depot to get a new light fixture, doorbell and numbers for the house. The outside was in pretty bad shape, but now that it has some curb appeal back we can concentrate on the major indoor projects this Winter. Ian also raked the yard so I am hoping to get some cute pictures of the kids in the leaves this weekend! I will post them ASAP.
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