Monday, August 18, 2008

STTN and Smiling

I think I will start updating the website once a month now that Jacob is home and there is not too much to report. Like I said before, he should catch up by the age of 2 so I will keep this website up and running until he is cleared.

Jacob is now weighing 9 and a half pounds! Like the doctors told us it would, his body has now started catching up with his face! He still has chubby cheeks, but since he is starting to lift his head and gain some weight elsewhere his neck rolls aren't so bad. :) He is also sleeping through the night and smiling! He started both of these milestones right around 5 weeks adjusted which is right on target. He has found his hands and has been sucking on them a lot lately.

Jacob starts early intervention next Tuesday and we are excited about this as well. The earlier they start the quicker they catch up and the pediatrician is so amazed at how well Jacob is doing that she says he should have no problem catching up. It looks like the only major issue we will have to worry about is his eyesight which isn't bad for a 24 weeker!

I am posting a few new pictures that reflect the 9.5 pound Jacob. I am going to try and get his smile captured on camera soon and post that as well.

More to come in September!

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