Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A few weeks ago, Jacob took his first steps. We were overjoyed at this milestone especially since we didn't expect him to walk until his 2nd birthday. Many 24 weekers are very delayed when it comes to walking so we basically "prepared for the worst" for lack of a better term and expected to see it sometime between 22 and 25 months (this is the earliest and latest I have heard of a 24 weeker walking). Imagine our surprise when he walked at 17 months (just about 14 months adjusted). He is so happy and as soon as I stand him up and run to the other side of the room and hold my arms out he starts giggling and wobbling across the room. It is pretty funny to watch and melts my heart at the same time. I have so many videos of this, but I will share the one I think is the best. It shows how excited he is and he claps at the end after collapsing on me for a hug. :)

Gracie is already smiling a ton and loves to "talk" to me. Once I start talking to her the coos start right up and continue until I stop talking back to her. She is doing really good holding her head up and will be ready for the Bebe Pod any day now. She loves practicing on my lap and taking naps on Daddy. I can't believe how fast she is growing and I am looking forward to her 2 month appointment on Thursday to see how much she weighs.

This week is pretty busy as far as appointments go. Tomorrow Jacob has another follow-up at the Pediatric Opthamologist in Boston and I am just waiting for the day they say he needs glasses. I wouldn't be surprised seeing as how I am blind anyway. If his extreme prematurity didn't cause it I'm sure his genes will. On Thursday, both kids have appointments with the Pediatrician (Grace's 2 month and Jacob's 18 month) and both are due for two immunizations each. I will have two crying babies to comfort at the same time. What is a Mom to do? Friday morning Jacob has PT and EI and I am really looking forward to Joann (Jacob's PT) seeing Jacob walk for the first time. She has been Jacob's PT since his days at Jordan Hospital (when he was transferred closer to home from Boston). He was only a couple/few months old and weighed no more than 6 pounds. She has loved coming to the house and seeing how much he has changed and the new milestones he has reached and this one is the biggest yet!

I will be sure to update at the end of the week on the result of all our appointments. I am crossing my fingers, but I think Jacob may be on the charts for weight/height for the first time. He has had a major growth spurt since his last appointment in June and I am looking forward to him "catching up". It usually happens by 2 or 3 and I can really see him making some strides toward that so we'll see how it goes. For now, he has outgrown his 6-12 month clothes and still growing into his 12-18 months which makes dressing him much harder. It is especially hard when the 12-18 month clothes are loose and he wriggles out of them and undresses himself. Not my favorite part of the day!

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  1. I can't get over how cute he is. What a joy to watch!!


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