Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pulling to Stand

So big and so proud!

She has been pulling to stand for over a week now and I cannot believe how fast this first year has passed. She will be 10 months old on the 22nd and it flew by!

Jacob seemed like a baby FOREVER since he arrived so early and was (and still is) so small. He has pretty much worn every size for almost 6 months or longer and Grace has flown through every size in a matter of days. She was in 6-12 month clothes at 4 months old and Jacob didn't wear 6 month clothes until he was almost ONE! They are both wearing the same size diaper and in Grace's chubby days she even went ahead of him in size for a month or so. I can't believe that in no time I will be chasing the two of them in different directions.

We didn't start Grace on solids until 6-7 months old and she is finally getting the hang of it. She is eating two meals of solids a day (usually stage 2 jarred food or yogurt) and some table food in between. She is only nursing 4 times per day and I can feel my supply starting to tank. I guess I'd better get going on that exercise and take advantage of the extra calorie burn while I still have it in me.

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