Monday, May 23, 2011

More Party Planning....

Well, we have officially decided to host Grace's second birthday party BEFORE baby #3 makes an appearance. The big day is June 25th which gives me a month to get this thing thrown together and that is being generous. More than likely, I only have two weeks before I start getting super uncomfortable and lose all of my energy to plan parties or do anything other than sit with the kids out back in their kiddie pool. School ends for Jacob on 6/10 so I am hoping to get most of my stuff done the last couple of weeks of school and then relax until the day of. Hopefully, I can keep the house clean that long.....

We have also decided to convert her Abby Cadabby party to an Elmo and Abby party. Do you know how hard it is to find Abby Cadabby anything these days? Everything is Sesame Street themed (the entire cast) or Elmo related. I am still planning on using my Abby stuff I have already purchased, but I am starting to throw in Elmo stuff as well. Not to mention 60% of Grace's invited guests are little boys and I feel bad sending them home with Abby Cadabby favors. Now they can choose between Abby and Elmo if they want. :)

For starters here are the invites I am ordering:

In addition to that, I am skipping cupcakes/cake and deciding to be different this year. We spent a boatload on cupcakes and wrappers/toppers for Jacob's birthday and made sure there were enough cupcakes for a "one cupcake per guest ratio" and we had a whole dozen left over! Big waste of food and money! This time we are doing those giant sugar cookies shaped like Elmo's face (you know the ones!) and hoodsie cups. The cookies will be in cellophane bags tied with ribbon so you can take yours and eat it at the party or take it home. Just don't leave it behind for me to consume before it goes bad (which is what happened with most of the leftover cupcakes)! Here is a picture to give you an idea:

It's not set in stone yet, but we have our fingers crossed!! Elmo might make an appearance at Grace's birthday party!!! We were trying to decide what to do for entertainment purposes and Grace is still a little too young to enjoy a bouncy house and since this is HER party I wanted to do something she would enjoy. We will probably do a pinata, but other than that, most birthday party games are out of her league (think pin the tail on the donkey).

Last year, we set up her water table, kiddie pool and beach ball sprinkler and the kids had a blast! This year they have all their new yard toys as well so I know the kids will have fun regardless, but we drove by a Friendly's restaurant the other day which had a "Grand Re-Opening" and they had someone out front dressed in an Elmo costume waving to the cars and my kids FLIPPED OUT. I thought, how awesome would it be if I could find a costume shop to rent Elmo from and have Uncle Josh or Uncle Andy be Elmo for a half hour?! Sure enough, I found an Elmo costume for rent in our town! Just waiting to hear about availability, but the cost of the rental is LESS THAN HALF the cost of a bouncy house or anything similar and is right up my kids' alley! They will go nuts when they see him and we'll be able to get pictures too! Ian says I might be more excited than the kids.

As for food, I am keeping it simple this year. Hamburgers/hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad and chips. Luckily, our parties are pretty small and consist of immediate family and our closest friends so we won't need to buy too much and we can keep it intimate enough where I should be able to drag my cankles around and spend some time with everybody. I am a little sad that this is Grace's last birthday party that will be all about her, but there is NO WAY I am planning two separate parties in July for the next 10 years. I plan to enjoy this one and make it all about her.

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