Monday, December 26, 2011

Five Months

Eli, you are five months old today!

You are growing like a weed and I cannot believe how big you are! Everyone that sees you comments on your size. Since you will not be seen again by the Pediatrician until your 6 month appointment I have no idea how big you are, but I am assuming you have passed the 17 pound mark! I decided to try and pull out a few 12 month clothes and was shocked that they fit....and don't have much room for growth! The pants are all still big, but all the shirts and onesies fit you perfect. I can no longer put you in 6 month pants unless they are sweatpants because you end up spitting up everywhere from them being too tight! For now I am putting you in 12 month pants, adjusting the adjustable waist and cuffing them! You are still in size three diapers and can still squeeze in some of your 6 month stuff, but you are wearing 9 and 12 month stuff already!

You are doing great at practicing sitting up independently and the days of the Bumbo are gone. You try and arch yourself right out of it and your fat little thighs are just too hard to squeeze in there now. You absolutely love the jumperoo and rolling around. Sometimes you work so hard in the jumperoo you simply pass out! You are not a fan of the swing and bouncy seat and I think it is just about time to pack them away.

We have started letting you play and nap in your crib and you love your FP Ocean Aquarium on the side of your crib. You love to turn it on and off all by yourself. You are reaching and grabbing for things that you want constantly and talking like crazy! You still LOVE your big brother and sister. You talk, smile and laugh at them all the time!

I had to throw this picture in here because I think you look just like your Uncle Josh in it:

You are still nursing exclusively and will go longer stretches between feedings. You have been kind of cranky this past month and will unlatch to gnaw on your fist constantly so I am wondering if those teeth are starting to make their way through. Jacob and Grace didn't have any teeth until 9 months so I am wondering if maybe you will be early?

We love you so much and can't believe next month it will have been half a year since you entered this world. We are so thankful for you each and every day. You are such a blessing to our lives and we thank God for you every single day. Your brother and sister are at that age where they fight constantly and sometimes I think I would lose my mind if I didn't have your sweet, smiling face to remind me how lucky I am!

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