Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jacob's 2-year (adjusted) NICU follow-up clinic

It's late. I'm tired. Basically, this is going to be a very short recap of today's events. If you want to catch up on his previous follow-up from January click here.

This time around, they used the Bayley II test which is different than the Bayley III test that they used in January so they said the results may be a little off or "different" from the results in January. I guess the difference is that the Bayley II test is used for NICU follow-up clinics (like today) and the Bayley III is used for the follow-ups related to the study we enrolled Jacob in (refer to link above from January for info on that).

Basically, Jacob has progressed exactly 6 months (which coincidentally is exactly how long it has been since he was seen for evaluation) and they said most premature infants gain 4-5 months development so he is gaining faster than most.

For his adjusted age of 23 months and 13 days, his cognition and language clocked in around 19 months and his motor skills were 18 months. He had a major meltdown and a monster-sized toddler tantrum so he refused to do half the stuff they required of him. I don't know how much that skewed the results, but I am assuming it did. I was sweating when we walked out of there from trying to wrestle him into his chair, but it is over and done with and I have 6 months to recover until the next follow-up in December which will be study related. At least I think it will be study related.

He weighed in around 24 pounds (again wouldn't sit still), length was 85 cm and head 49.5 cm. That puts him in 10-25th% for weight and length and 75th% for head circumference. Yes, the kid's head is HUGE!

He did, however, sit and finish a 7 piece puzzle and for those of you who know Jacob the fact that he even sat in his chair that long is a feat in and of itself! I was so proud! Maybe there is hope for him after all. :) Everyone who meets Jacob or knows him always comments on how "he never walks, he only runs". Welcome to my life!

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  1. aww... sounds like it was overall good news. even despite the toddler tantrum. :)


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