Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Card

I send out "Happy New Year" cards every year from our family.

Last year was the first year I attempted it since the year before I had just sent out "birth announcements" that were really "welcome home" announcements when Jacob came home from the NICU. Since it was September by the time we mailed them I didn't bother sending anything else out.

Last year, I took a picture of both kids together that came out great and a picture of each kid separate which was easy with Grace since she was still immobile, but trying to get Jacob to sit still and not flip over and try to get off the couch took about 52 takes. I was exhausted! Unfortunately, since the card was made by Tiny Prints I do not have a proof of the card that was sent, but here are the pics we used:

Notice the tears on Jacob's face?! This year, I was fortunate that we had just had our family portraits done by Black Thumb Studio and I decided to use Becca from Jumping Jax Designs to make our card. She recently revamped my blog with our new Life in the Hen House theme. She is a work-at-home Mama who is also a preemie Mama just like me! She does fabulous work and I had to share this year's card with you all:

It completely describes how I feel. Blessed.

If you are still in need of a holiday card, a blog design, a logo or birth announcements check out her website! She is great to work with!


  1. Very nice card! What a happy family!

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  3. I love the colors on your card, the dark blue and grey. Beautiful pictures!

  4. You have some cutie patooties!!!

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    koco & viking


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