Monday, January 30, 2012



Last week you were six months old!!

I can hardly believe you have been here for half a year already. You are now officially closer to your first birthday than you are to the day you were born. Mind.blown.

You are still our chubby baby, but you are growing at warp speed and really shot up in length this month! Usually at six months your speed of light growth slows down and let's hope so. Daddy and I are starting to wonder if you'll catch up to Jacob and his 2T's!

This month you are rolling over like it's your job. As soon as we put you on your back you flip right over unless you feel like eating your toes and boy, do you find them delicious! Neither Jacob nor Grace ever had any interest in their feet, but you want to hold them all day long! You have trouble getting them to your mouth with your big belly in the way, but now that your length is rapidly increasing I'm sure that won't be a problem much longer.

You absolutely HATE your bouncy seat and swing and they are officially being retired to the basement. Now that you know how to move you have no desire to sit still. You like to roll, sit for short periods of time, jump in your jumperoo and play on your belly. Your favorite toys at the moment are your Fisher Price Crawl Along Snail, Fisher Price Clack and Play Crab and Sophie the Giraffe.

Speaking of Sophie, you are definitely teething! My perfect, sleeping-through-the-night-since-7-weeks baby has been a nightmare lately. You are up multiple times and nothing seems to help your teeth except Tylenol. Cutting teeth was never a problem with Jacob or Grace and we didn't even know they had any until we stuck our fingers in their mouths. You, my sweet baby, are very vocal about yours coming in and have not stopped drooling, batting at your ears (we ear infection!) and chewing on everything in sight. Unfortunately, teething tablets and teething gel have done nothing to help you. I hope they break through soon so we can all go back to sleeping peacefully at night! That is, until the next set come in.

Here are your stats for this month:

Weight: 18 lb 13 oz 72%
Height: 27.0 in 61%
Head: 44.5 cm 80%

After 6 months of breastfeeding exclusively, we started you on rice cereal this week. Again, this was not a success with Jacob and Grace so we didn't have high hopes, but you LOVED it! You kept grabbing my hand and shoving the spoon in your mouth. I can't wait to see your reaction to fruits and vegetables in the upcoming weeks.

We had our first snow storm a week ago and we got about 8 inches of the fluffy white stuff dumped on us. We drove over to Grandpa's house and you stayed inside and hung out with me drinking hot cocoa while Daddy took Jacob and Grace sledding. It was their first time sledding and they had so much fun. Maybe next year you can join them!

Even though your teeth have been a nightmare you are still our happy-as-can-be baby boy. People still comment daily on how easy, content and smiley you are. You still seem to like Grace the best out of all of us. She loves to lie on the floor and make silly faces at you and you crack up every time! As soon as she gets close you are smiling and flapping your arms in excitement.

I can't believe we are headed towards your first birthday. These first six months have FLOWN by and I know in no time you will pulling to stand, cruising on furniture and taking your first steps. If you don't mind, I'd love it if you'd slow down a little. After all, you are still my baby.

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  1. Eli weighs the same as Rebekah! He's such a cutie.


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