Sunday, April 27, 2008

My preemie the celebrity...

I don't have too much to report this weekend. Jacob is weighing in at 2 lb 7 oz and has now maxed out on the calories they have been adding to his breastmilk (fortifier). At this point, they will start adding protein to boost it some more. The NP warned us that the protein makes the babies gassy and he may start to stink!

They tried weaning Jacob off the CPAP end of last week and he wasn't having it. His baseline is currently 6 cm of pressure and they tried weaning him down to 5 cm. Once he does good on 5 cm it is on to nasal cannula. Well, he basically told them to take a hike and went back up to 6 cm. The nurse said expect him to stay there for another 2 weeks before they try again because they don't want to push him.

Jacob is famous! Well....his foot is famous. Check out the link below to They did an article on extreme preemies in Boston Globe Magazine and Jacob was their subject. They wanted to interview me for the magazine, but they expected me to get up at 6 AM to be at the hospital by 9 AM! No thanks....especially when I have to stay there until 7:30 PM! They also videotaped Jacob last week for a public service announcement for Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children. Unfortunately, you will only see this if you live in Lowell.

That's all for now! Hopefully I will have more mid-week.

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