Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still on CPAP!!

72 hours and counting! Jacob is still on CPAP and amazingly when we arrived today he was only on 25% oxygen! He will be at room oxygen once he gets down to 21% which means the machine is only applying continuous pressure to keep his air sacs slightly inflated. He is doing the rest of the work all by himself!

The Nurse Practitioner came in today and told us he is doing fabulous and if he hasn't had any problems with CPAP yet he probably won't! She said they will have him up to full feeds (14cc's, 8 times a day) by tomorrow morning (he is currently on 11cc's at the moment) and as soon as he gets there they will take out his PICC line and stop his IV! As of last night, he is up to 2 lb 5oz and he gained 14 grams and 20 grams the past two days which are great (normal) weight gains. It looks like it might not take much longer to reach our goal of 3 pounds! Stay tuned!

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