Sunday, July 6, 2008

Calculating adjusted age

Tomorrow Jacob is 0 (zero!). Jacob's due date was July 7th which means that tomorrow Jacob will no longer be considered a fetus. He is now considered a newborn baby and his milestones and developments will be measured from tomorrow and not from the day he was born.

From here on out you may hear me refer to Jacob's "actual age" and his "adjusted age". Jacob's actual age is calculated from the day he is born and is how old he technically is. All of Jacob's milestones (crawling, rolling over, walking, talking, etc) will be based on Jacob's adjusted age. For example, on Tuesday the 8th Jacob's actual age will be 15 weeks, but his adjusted age will be 1 day old. If the average baby takes their first steps at 11 months old and Jacob takes his first steps at 11 months old Jacob will be 11 months adjusted and 14.5 months actual.

Today Jacob weighed in at 7 pounds exactly!!!! He is still doing great nursing, but the doctors and nurses are still feeding him on their schedule which is frustrating. I would prefer to feed him on demand because when I show up at his designated feeding time and he is not interested in eating he just sleeps. Today they actually let me feed him when he was up (an hour before his normal feed) and he did great!! When he nurses he does awesome, but it is the difference between him wanting to eat and the doctors designating a time for him to eat. We are going to discuss this with the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, they will see it my way because this is the only thing preventing him from coming home.

I guess that is all for today. I have posted a new picture of his fat, little face with no oxygen!! You wouldn't believe it is the same baby that weighed 1 and a half pounds at birth! He changes so much day to day. There isn't much to update everyone on now that he is doing so well. He is just gaining weight and eating and soon enough he will be home where he belongs.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and enjoyed their time off (if you had time off!).

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