Sunday, July 20, 2008

HOME (sort of)

We're home.....sort of. We are staying at my Dad's temporarily (he is on vacation) while our house airs out. We recently had our hardwood floors refinished and we are letting the house air out before we take the little bean back to his "real" home. Either way it is nice to have the little guy home with us and we are adjusting to life at home with a baby.

The first night wasn't so bad. I only had to get up twice at night for a feed. He pretty much eats every four hours and when he goes to the pediatrician on Tuesday she will let me know if I can let him sleep through the night. For now, they are having me wake him up every four hours regardless, but he pretty much is on that schedule anyways. I have only had to wake him up once.

VNA came to the house today to check on him and weigh him and he is 7 lb 9.5 oz. He has already gained half an ounce since he came home so at least we are going in the right direction and that is on no extra calories! He is taking a multi-vitamin with iron with his dinner feed, but that is it!

We have been having fun trying out all his new toys (bouncer seat, swing, play yard, etc.) and he is having a blast. He loves riding in the car and usually sleeps the entire time which is good because he has a big appointment coming up on the 28th at Tufts. He has an eye exam with Opthamology, an appointment with Endocrinology for his Rickets and an appointment with Urology for a circumcision and a look at his undescended testicles (if they don't come down on their own he will need surgery since this could cause fertility issues later in life) so maybe that will be my next update.

I have added a few new pics of his first days at home so enjoy and I will update soon.

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