Friday, July 11, 2008

In the home stretch...

Here's the news for today: Jacob weighs 7 lb 6 oz (porker!) and he still has about 6 chins.

He had his follow-up eye appointment on Wednesday and there was good news. He is in regression!! Basically, this means the blood vessels in his eyes have stopped going crazy and are growing normally out into Zone 3. He has his next appointment in 3 weeks (instead of the normal two) and the FABULOUS news regarding this is that most likely I WILL BE BRINGING HIM TO HIS NEXT APPOINTMENT BECAUSE HE WILL BE HOME!!! The day nurse at the hospital told me she has a goal: to get Jacob home by the 23rd. Funny thing is that was my own goal from day one. Home by 4 months and no later!!!!

Yesterday he had a bottle at 8 AM, nursed at 11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM and had a bottle at 8 PM!!! He didn't have to be gavaged for 18 hours! This is huge and hopefully they will let me do the overnight soon!!

We are getting ready to wrap everything up and get him moving towards home. I am bringing in his carseat soon so they can do the carseat test. All babies born before 37 weeks have to sleep for one hour in their carseats to make sure they can breathe in the sitting position. We also are scheduling his circumcision so that will be taken care of before he comes home. That is pretty much all that is left besides packing him up and taking him home.

Hopefully in the next week I can let everyone know what day they are shooting for. Yay for more progress!!

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