Thursday, September 16, 2010




The cast is off!!! I know, I know. I am SO late in getting this post up, but better late than never, right?

Since Thursday, Jacob has gone from dragging himself across the floor on his belly, to kneeling, then standing (while holding on of course) and now he will walk while holding our hands, but he is nowhere near being able to walk on his own. He pretty much tip toes around on the bad leg while bearing most of his weight on our hands. He wasted no time getting into that Cozy Coupe though. He dragged himself across the floor and then somehow managed to drag himself into that car. He looked like one of those male gymnasts on the horse and I have no idea how he managed it, but he spent the next 45 minutes in there steering, beeping the horn and yelling "beep, beep" and "car". He was so happy!

The doctor said he will eventually get up and go, but be prepared for lots of falls and crashes. Unless he cries for an extended period of time (beyond what he normally would after a fall) the doctor said he should be fine. He also said Jacob will probably walk like a duck or with a limp and it will last for about 3 months. I am glad he told us that before we left the hospital because after a month I probably would have been calling all worried. He has a follow-up in mid-December for an x-ray to check on it and by then the doctor said he should be walking normally.

The x-ray on Thursday looked great and he has actually generated more bone regrowth than what was needed which is not too uncommon. The doctor said it isn't a big deal and the only thing we'll notice is that his right thigh is bigger than his left one due to the extra bone. His broken leg did also heal slightly shorter (1 cm), than his left leg, but he will keep growing and eventually the shorter leg will catch up enough so that it is not noticeable.

When I got home on Thursday, I stripped all the beds, the bean bags and the pillowcases and washed everything and put Grace and Jacob's rooms back together. Since the accident, Jacob has been sleeping in Grace's room in her crib since we were able to move the mattress up and make it easier to get him in and out of bed. It also helped keep him contained in case he decided to try and shimmy out of his bed in the cast. That wouldn't have been good. Grace has been in Jacob's room in a pack and play so we shuffled everything around again, put their beds back together and everyone is sleeping in their own room. Until Jacob is walking, we have now put him in the pack and play. His toddler bed is not high off the ground, but Ian was worried and the doctor said if it makes him feel better to just put him in the pack and play so he will probably stay there for another week or so.

It is nice to see him happy and playing again. No more Toy Story, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Jack's Big Music Show on repeat!! He is also officially in 18-24 month pants (finally!) so I was also excited to see that he has grown quite a bit since the cast went on. His 12-18 month pants were getting short in the Spring, but his 18-24 month pants were HUGE in the waist. Although they are still loose, they will fit great with a belt until he grows into them some more.

We're just happy that life is back to normal around here and that we managed to get out of the cast on the earlier end of the 6-12 week time frame. I am glad to have my happy, little, chicken wing back and Grace is so happy to have her playmate again!

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