Wednesday, November 10, 2010

15 Months

Grace was 15 months on October 22nd, but she just had her 15 month well visit this afternoon.

I was 99.9999999% positive that she was going to weigh more than Jacob at her appointment today. I know the day is coming and at the rate she is going she will definitely pass him by her 18 month appointment in January, but for the time being Jacob has a slight margin on her.

Here are Grace's stats from today:

Weight: 24 lb 12 oz (74%)
Height: 31.5 inches (75%)
Head: 48.0 cm (93%) ?!?!

I know. My kids have huge heads. I blame Ian's side of the family.

Here are Jacob's numbers:

Weight: 25 lb 5 oz (5%)
Height: 34.3 inches (5%)

Can you believe it?! This is the closest they have ever been and Grace is only 9 oz shy of Jacob. He still has a good three inches on her though so there is a significant difference in their height. People still ask me on a daily basis if they are twins.

I was kind of surprised when Jacob weighed in at only 25 pounds because this is the first time he has been weighed since he broke his leg in July. He was in a cast for 7 weeks and completely immobile so I was sure he would gain more than that, but seeing as he grew OVER AN INCH (in 3 months) I guess it makes sense.

Two weeks and counting until Thanksgiving!! Can you believe it?!

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