Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday

Yes, I am one of the crazies who is out at 4 AM.

No, you will not catch me waiting in line overnight at Target, Best Buy or Toys R Us.

I love the Black Friday deals, but I am not a huge fan of the cutting, stampedes or long lines. There is no deal at Target worth standing in line for 2+ hours outside the store only to stand in line INSIDE for another hour to pay for those deals. I had to wait in line at Gap for 20 minutes and thought I was going to pass out from the hot flashes I was having (Note to self: Do not wear hooded sweatshirt in Mall on Black Friday EVER AGAIN!)

That being said, I do like to shop the smaller sales early to get the best selection and I would have to say it was a success. This was only my second year shopping on Black Friday, but I love Black Friday for a number of reasons:

1.) Being able to shop BY MYSELF without having to listen to two screaming children or balance an armful of bags while pushing a stroller.

2.) Having some alone time even if it means having to deal with two obnoxious women fighting over one DVD that they most likely were only saving a few dollars on.

3.) Breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks Chai. 'Nuff said.

This year Gap was offering 50% off everything until 10 AM ::squeal:: and since we all know I am a huge fan of all things babyGap (and Gap!) I was in line waiting when the doors opened at 5 AM at South Shore Plaza. I was the first one in line at babyGap (there were only 8 of us waiting in line....my kind of BF sale) and I walked out with a winter coat for Jacob, a dress I have been eyeing for Grace for the Spring and a beautiful, red trench coat for Grace for next Fall (my favorite find of the day at only $9.97!!!).

I wandered up to Gap and spent a small fortune there, but was able to buy myself two cardigans, three sweaters, one top and a pair of jeans. I managed to score two mock half-zip pullovers, four waffle knit long-sleeve tees, one sweater, two pairs of boxers and a pair of pajama pants for Ian.

After I made my way home, we loaded the kids in the car and headed for the in-laws to celebrate Thanksgiving with them since we spent Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house. Ian's family has a huge Thanksgiving extravaganza tradition at their house which includes brunch and exchanging gifts. It currently looks like Toys R Us threw up in my Living Room and I am already pulling new toys to put away for future use and bagging up old toys for Goodwill because we just have nowhere to put them all!

Jacob's gift from his Papa and Gaga was Toy Story 3 on DVD and we wrapped up our Black Friday with a movie night on the couch. As soon as I get around to uploading all of my pictures I will update this post with a few! I have another post coming this week with some of our family portraits from the fabulous Black Thumb Studio. They are amazing!!! They are the best pictures we have ever had taken and I am working on finding new frames for them because they are that unbelieveable. My old frames aren't worthy!

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