Monday, April 25, 2011

Grace's Fairy Party

Well, as usual we are 2 months out from Grace's party, but I am already looking for ideas. I always seem to pick a theme way ahead of time and then regret not waiting until later on to get a feel for what the kids are loving at the moment. This is one reason my kids' rooms are not based around character themes since their tastes change all the time. For Jacob's second birthday party, we did a Wonder Pets theme since he absolutely LOVED them at the time, but less than a year later he was on to Diego and Mickey and NEVER watches the Wonder Pets. If I had done his big boy room around a Wonder Pets theme that would be old news by now.

Needless to say, Grace LOVES Abby Cadabby and all things Sesame Street, but seems to really like Minnie and Dora these days. I am sure she'll love whatever it is that graces the cake plates at her party, but when I saw these little buckets at Target in the $1 section I knew they would be perfect to put favors in:

Since they were only $1 each and she loves Sesame Street I figured we would just stick with the Abby party theme. Since she will be sharing any future birthday parties with her baby brother we can do the Dora and Diego and Mickey and Minnie parties then!

Just when I was starting to doubt my Abby Cadabby decision I was cruising through Gymboree one day and came across this outfit from their Fairy Fashionable line from last Summer:

It was a 2T (PERFECT!!) and the entire outfit was less than $10 and since Abby is a "fairy in training" I thought it was adorable and perfect for her fairy party! That sealed the deal!

I am probably going to go with an invite from Etsy (as usual) and I really like this one or this one.

I am still trying to decide whether to do cupcakes or a cake and considering how busy and exhausted I was for Jacob's party in March I think I will be skipping the DIY this year and ordering out like I did for his party. It was much easier (although much more expensive) to have someone else do the cupcakes, but considering I will be almost 33 weeks at this party it will probably be a necessity. As usual, there are a ton of cool cupcake toppers and party supplies on Etsy for an Abby Cadabby party and I am sure Grace will have a blast! I am so happy that at least two of my three kids have a Summer birthday so we can have some fun outdoors and BBQ for their birthday parties!

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