Thursday, April 21, 2011

A whole bunch of nothing.... pretty much what this post is going to be. We have a lot going on around here and very little time. Unfortunately, the blog has fallen victim to this, but I have plenty of stuff going on to blog about.

Let's start with preschool! Jacob is doing great! He "moves a lot" and is "very active" (his teacher's words, not mine!), but we already knew that. He is starting to recognize the routine, but has trouble listening and following directions so we are slowly but surely getting there. I have a feeling he'll catch on by year-end and then have the Summer off to get all out of sorts before starting again in September. That should be fun! He has only had one bad report and it was the day I sent him to school after keeping him home for a day due to a nasty cold. He still had a runny nose and wasn't feeling well so we just chalked it up to him feeling under the weather. He also had a minor "incident" in the motor room on Friday and fell off a toddler size trampoline. The school nurse called, but just to let me know what had happened in case any bumps popped up later and nothing did.

As for the state of the pregnancy, I am currently 23 weeks and feeling great. I was a little anxious at my appointment on Tuesday because as of my last Level II ultrasound my cervix was measuring 3.8 cm. That is still great in a normal pregnancy and even better for high risk, but with Grace's cerclage my cervix never went below 4 cm so I was a little nervous that maybe the last cerclage had damaged my cervix and this one might not hold up as much. My doctor reassured me that everything looks fine and as long as I am not having any pain or contractions I am good! I am a little less than 2 weeks away from where I was when I delivered Jacob. At this point with him my cervix was already less than 2.5 cm so I am doing pretty good all things considered!

My fingers have been swelling and I can't get my e-ring on anymore, but my wedding band still fits (thankfully)! I don't know why, but when I am out running errands with two toddlers and very visibly pregnant with a third baby I like to know that people don't think I am some crazy, single person who runs around getting knocked up. Not like it matters what people think, but that ring makes me feel much better! My ankles have started throbbing and I am sure cankles are on the way. They arrived around 33 weeks with Grace and it would just be my luck for them to arrive in the 2nd trimester this time around.

Since I will be very large and uncomfortable in July, we are planning Grace's 2nd birthday party for the end of June so that we don't have to worry about throwing something together last minute once baby is here. It looks like there is a 95% chance that this baby is going to arrive on Grace's actual birthday and since this will be the last party she has that is all about her I want to make it special. We are doing an Abby Cadabby theme and I have a few cute ideas to share in another post soon!

As for baby boy, he still does not have a name! Oddly enough, we have pretty much scratched all 4 names on our "final list" and started all over. Naming a boy is SO HARD. We had so many girl names picked out that we will never get to use and no boy names to name this poor child with. I am just hoping to have one within 24 hours of birth. Jacob was nameless for awhile after birth (and rightfully so since we hadn't even gotten that far in the pregnancy) and that stupid woman with the clipboard was in our room every hour on the hour wanting us to fill out the form for the birth certificate. I felt rushed and honestly I still feel as though Jacob was forced on me. He is a Jacob now and that is all that matters, but I constantly wonder what his name would have been if we had more time!

I guess that is all from here. We have been very busy cleaning house and are trying to organize a yard sale for next month to get rid of all the crap that has accumulated in our basement over the past 5 years. We are hoping to earn some cash to buy a few baby things and clean this house out. Soon we will need room for 5!

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