Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jacob's Preschool "Graduation"

Friday, June 10th was Jacob's last day of preschool for the year. On Tuesday, the 7th, his class held an "End of the Year Celebration" at school!

They had a mini graduation ceremony where all the kids got diplomas and shook the teacher's hand. It was really cute and the kids did so good! They sang some of their favorite songs for us and did their own little rendition of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Jacob was the black sheep and I was amazed at how far he has come in such a short time. He has only been in the program for 11 weeks and half the class has been enrolled since September so he has caught on pretty quickly.

When Jacob's teacher, Ms. Christine, asked Jacob to "shake, shake, shake" (meaning hands) Jacob took his diploma and started shaking it. :)

They had just filed in and sat down and Jacob noticed us in the audience. He is visibly confused. Also? Note the bruise on his forehead. This kid is all boy. You should see his shins!

As soon as I arrived, I took out my camera and turned it on only to have it turn back off. My batteries were dead. Since I am a genius, and always carry a spare pair of fully charged batteries on me, I was prepared. Well, apparently they had been left in my camera bag so long THEY were drained too. After scrambling for a few minutes, I managed to find a combination of batteries (two from each set) that had enough juice left in them for me to squeeze some more out of them....only to have my camera tell me after 2 pictures that my memory card was full! I can't win! Luckily, I had downloaded 99% of my pictures onto the computer at home and just hadn't deleted them from my memory card so I deleted about 50 pictures and was able to take 4-5 pictures and a couple of videos before my camera died again right as Jacob was receiving his diploma. I was praying the whole time that his name would be called at the beginning and my camera would make it, but guess who was called dead last?! Figures!

Note to self: Make sure camera batteries are fully charged and the memory card is empty when you go to the hospital to have Eli.

Jacob seemed both confused and excited to see us in school and ran over a few times during the presentation, but he always ran back over to his friends and picked up where he left off. I am excited for him to have a full year next year and can only imagine the leaps and bounds he'll gain by being in the program from September through June. I am seeing so much improvement in his listening, focusing on tasks and following directions. We are off for the next 13 weeks and I am hoping he doesn't lose too much in that time frame.

He is doing so well that he doesn't qualify for the Summer program which isn't a big deal since with the new baby on the way I doubt I'd be able to get him there anyway! We'll be scheduling lots of play dates and trips to the library to make sure we keep up with the skill set he has developed in the last 11 weeks.

Hooray for Summer vacation!

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