Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grace's "Happy Day" Party

Back in March, we tried to get Grace to say "Happy Birthday" to my father-in-law at his 60th birthday party and instead she said, "Happy Day!" It has pretty much stuck and now she refers to any birthday or birthday party as a "Happy Day".

Even though Grace's real "Happy Day" isn't until 7/22 we had her party a month early since this baby is due to arrive the week of her birthday. All week long, we have been talking about her party and who is coming and I mentioned that Elmo would be coming to her party! Well, apparently she thinks that this party is for Elmo (and gang) so she has been walking around the house all week going, "Happy Day, Elmo!" "Happy Day, Zoe!" Happy Day, Cookie!", etc. I don't know if she quite got it until we sang to her and she got to open presents. She was, however, extremely excited when she woke up from her nap yesterday and saw all the balloons I had run out and bought while she was sleeping. I had also started decorating the house to save time this morning so she kept yelling, "ABBY!!" every time she turned a corner:

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very cooperative for a Summer birthday so there was no running through the sprinklers or playing in the water table/kiddie pool, but we were able to have some sunshine after lunch so the kids could play outside and we could do the pinata.

She received so many cool gifts including a few books, a Dora phone which she has been holding up to her ear and saying, "Hello, Dora?", a Leapfrog LeapPad, a Leapfrog Picnic Basket, the FP My First Dollhouse, some furniture for her baby dolls, a couple of Disney Princess baby dolls and a Tinkerbell dress up outfit.

Just woke up the morning of her party:

All dressed up for her "Happy Day" as a fairy-in-training! Just like Abby Cadabby:

Jacob wore his Elmo shirt from Sesame Place last year (which yes....does still fit):

When Elmo "arrived", from our upstairs bedroom where Uncle Josh had changed into costume, Jacob immediately FLIPPED OUT when he saw him. I knew he would and we were all laughing so hard we were in tears. I don't think there was 5 seconds Jacob wasn't hugging his legs, giving him high five or screaming, "ELMO!!!!!" and looking at us all like, "Isn't this CRAZY?! He's IN MY HOUSE!" Grace was timid and looked nervous, but Elmo hung out as we opened gifts and she started shrieking his name and pointing while opening presents. She finally warmed up enough to give him hugs, kisses and high fives before Elmo had to go change before he died of heat stroke. Elmo was definitely the best money I spent on this shindig:

Singing Happy Birthday:

Opening gifts:

Once everyone left, we ushered our kids back inside and tried to feed them an early dinner since they were so excited when everyone arrived that it was impossible for them to focus on eating lunch. The kids hadn't napped and even though we tried to put Grace down after gifts, she saw Elmo go upstairs and was convinced he was up there hiding somewhere so she wouldn't go down. We made the kids a sandwich and set them up in their booster seats and Jacob fell asleep on his tray within a few minutes:

Ian woke him up to see if he wanted to go take a one hour nap (it was already almost 5 PM) or if he wanted to finish eating and this is what happened:

Overall, it was a great day and I am so happy that I did this now and not in a couple of weeks. My ankles are throbbing and I have been ready for bed since everyone left 4 hours ago. GOODNIGHT!


  1. That video is hysterical! Your brother is such a good sport to dress up as Elmo. Looks like Grace had lots of fun at her party.

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