Saturday, September 10, 2011

C25K: The Beginning

Here we go again! I had my 6 week post-partum visit on Friday and was cleared to start exercising again. Wait a minute....I have a 6 week old? Where did the past month and a half go? I digress....

I started the C25K program last Summer and had already signed up for my first 5K on 9/11/10 (Plymouth's Run to the Rock which is ironically TODAY) and then Jacob broke his leg. I was only starting week 4 and it was impossible to keep up and take care of an immobile 2 year old and a 1 year old. After Jacob got his cast off, I found out I was pregnant and was put on pelvic rest due to my cerclage which means it has been almost a year since I last exercised! I am so out of shape it is disgusting and I am hoping the endorphins help me get some of my energy levels back because all I dream about when I am sleeping is taking a nap. Do you know how ironic it is to dream about sleeping when you're sleeping?! I am exhausted!

According to the doctor's scale, I only have 8 pounds left to lose to reach my pre-pregnancy weight. According to my scale, I only have 5.4 pounds to lose. For the sake of accuracy, let's assume I am somewhere in the middle and have roughly 6.5-7 pounds to go. That should come off relatively easy since I am burning an extra 500 calories a day already by nursing, but that is assuming I don't eat anymore Brownie Sundae Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.....

I'll be starting a C25K check-in here on this blog to hold me accountable.If anyone wants to join in you are more than welcome. I'll be running Monday, Wednesday and Friday and check-in over the weekend to update on how it went. I am searching for a 5K to run this Fall and hoping to squeeze one in before Winter closes in. Maybe in November?

In the meantime, I have new running shoes, my iPod has been updated with new playlists and my podcasts are ready to go! Wish me luck!

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