Friday, September 30, 2011

The new Kindle is coming!!

I can't believe I missed the announcement this week, but the new Kindle Fire is being released in November!!

I love to have a paperback book in my hands, but I know that the e-reader technology is taking over. Now that my beloved Borders has closed I am sure it is just a matter of time until the other chains follow suit so I may as well hop on the e-reader bandwagon.

When my MIL showed me her Kindle I definitely wanted one, but I knew if I waited a few months there would be an announcement coming soon about the newest model. The Nook has been in Color for awhile and with the Nook2 coming out I knew we had to be close to some sort of upgrade from Amazon. I was hoping they would eventually make the Kindle color and touchscreen and boy, did they go above and beyond what I was hoping for!

Introducing the new Kindle Fire tablet:

It has 18 million songs, TV shows, movies, books, magazines, apps and games:

It is only 14.6 ounces and can be held in one hand.

It has a Multi-Touch 7" display

It also runs the "Amazon silk" web browser.

It does NOT have 3G, but offers wi-fi and runs on Android software which is something I am already familiar with since I have the Droid Incredible.

You may have heard me mention in the past that Ian's family has a huge celebration on Thanksgiving including an exchanging of gifts and brunch on Thanksgiving morning. Coincidence that the Kindle Fire is being released a week before Thanksgiving? I think not. I just added it to my wish list right above "nothing" and right below "nothing". Hey, if it's the only thing on my list he has no excuse NOT to buy it, right? :)


  1. My Palm is now old technology, and the touchscreen has also gone funny. It is time for me to think about upgrading.


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