Friday, June 6, 2008

Almost transfer time

Wow!! Where do I begin?! There is so much to update everyone on. First of all, Jacob weighs 4 lbs 10 oz tonight!!! He is now 35 weeks and this is the point in my pregnancy where he should have been averaging half a pound a week in weight gain. Since he is still technically a fetus (only growing on the outside) he should be doing this and he seems to be right on track since he has gained 9 ozs in 5 days! Since he is growing so quickly and catching up, they have cut back on the rocket fuel they were giving him and cut his "extra" calories from 28 to 26.

Since Jacob is now 35 weeks they have stopped giving him the caffeine he needed to stay alert and avoid his apnea episodes. They usually outgrow this condition by 36-37 weeks so in the next couple of weeks he should be big enough so that this doesn't happen anymore and in the meantime they are discontinuing his daily cup of java.

As for his oxygen, they have weaned him from 1 liter to 75 cc's! This is huge. Earlier this week he had been weaned from 1 liter, to 900 cc's, to 800 cc's and when I looked today he was down to 75 cc's! Only 75 cc's to go and he will be weaned off the oxygen!

GOOD NEWS!! Jacob IS moving to Jordan after all. His ROP has taken a step back (back to Stage 1 from Stage 2) and if all looks good at his eye exam Monday he will be monitored every other week and we have decided to move him to Jordan. There are many reasons we decided to make the move:

1. Parking! It is free at Jordan and will save us at least $7 a day.

2. Nursing. I am 10 minutes from Jordan and can be at the hospital for all of his daily feedings.

3. TRAFFIC!! They are paving the SE Expressway and on the way home it usually takes us an hour and 15 minutes to get home.

4. Food - We have been eating out a lot lately.

5. Stress! It will just be easier on us (especially Ian who is working long days and then spending all his free time at the hospital).

There is a wait list at Jordan, but Jacob is number one and if his eye exam goes well on Monday he could go at anytime as long as a bed is available.

I guess that is all for tonight, but that is plenty. I will keep everyone up to date on his move and weight gain. The doctor said if he keeps doing what he is doing he could be home in a few weeks!!!!!

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