Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slow progress

Our little one is growing by leaps and bounds!! As of last night he was 5 lbs 9 oz and growing like a weed.

He had his follow-up eye exam on Monday and everything looked good so we are back to weekly check-ups. He is still in Zone 2 so we are hoping for Zone 3 this week. Once he gets there we won't have to worry about his eyes anymore.

He is doing so well with his nursing! He is still having a few spells while eating so hopefully he outgrows that soon, but as of last night he was weaned down to 150 cc's of oxygen so he is almost down to nothing again. Hopefully by the time he hits 6 and a half pounds he will be off the oxygen.

He is squeezing into his preemie clothes and in no time they will be too small, so there is hope for the 0-3 month summer clothes we bought him! His due date is only 2 and a half weeks away so we are closer every day to him coming home! We have just about finished his room. The carpet was installed this week, the walls and ceiling have been painted and the crib and changing table are assembled and all set up. Our house actually looks like a baby belongs there! I don't know how we got it all done in between trips to the hospital and our normal daily activities, but it is finally all coming together.

I have pictures that I will post later this week. I forgot to bring my camera dock with me today so I have no way to upload the pictures. Wait until you see his cute, little, fat face! He has double chins! You'd never guess this was a one and a half pound baby!

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