Monday, June 23, 2008

Jordan Hospital!!

Today is a big day for little Jacob! First of all, he is 3 months old today! Gestationally, he is 38 weeks and would have only had another two weeks to go until his due date!

This morning he had another eye exam and the news was fabulous! His eyes look great and are finally starting to spread out into Zone 3!! From now on he will only need to be checked every two weeks so his next eye exam will be Monday July 7th, his due date!!!

Now for the really good news. Jacob is on his way via ambulance to Jordan Hospital in Plymouth as we speak!!!! FINALLY! His eyes looked great and they had a bed this morning so he will be 10 minutes from us instead of an hour! This will make it much easier on us (stress wise and financially) and will help me get him nursing exclusively.

The nurses in Boston are sad to see him go (he made quite a few friends during his 3 month stay) and we will miss them, but we all know that this is the next step to Jacob coming home so we are all happy we have finally made it this far.

Once Jacob settles into his new digs I will update everyone on his move.

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