Sunday, June 1, 2008

Four pounds, an open crib and tubby time!

Today is a great day!! Jacob weighed 4 lbs 1 oz last night! He has finally passed the four pound mark and this means that he can move to an open crib! No more isolette for Jacob!

He is also getting his first bath today!! He is finally big enough to regulate his own body temperature so he can move to the open bed AND get his first bath. Just in time too because he is getting rather stinky. ;)

The only semi-disappointing news is that we are not sure if Jacob will move to Jordan. He is receiving eye exams every Monday to monitor the progression of his ROP and if he moves to Jordan he will have to be transported every Monday back to Tufts for his eye exam and then transported back to Jordan. At this point, Ian and I believe it is best to just leave him here and save him the commute into Boston every week.

I started nursing Jacob again today. I have had mastitis since the middle of last week and it was like the worst flu you've ever had times ten. I will be more than happy to never have to go through that again. I was having to express my milk and dump it and I was not able to come to the hospital for a few days so I am happy to be back and nursing again. Jacob picked up right where we left off and is doing great with it. They had actually tried to bottle feed him while I was gone and he doesn't seem to do as well with a bottle as he does with nursing.

I will definitely post new pictures later tonight so everyone can see his first bath and how big he is getting. More to come!

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