Saturday, March 5, 2011

....and baby makes FIVE!

I can't believe I have not updated this blog in almost two months. Then again, when you are pregnant and suffering from Hyperemesis, spending hours hovering over the toilet praying you can keep enough fluids down to stay away from the ER and IV fluids, blogging is the last thing on one's mind.

That's right! The third (and most likely FINAL) addition to our family is due this Summer. Ironically, I am due August 16th which was Grace's due date two years to the day. Even more ironic, it appears my scheduled c-section will fall on Grace's 2nd birthday! The scheduling is still up in the air, but seeing as my doctor can section me on Wednesday or Friday only, and she plans to do this around 36.5 weeks, it appears Friday, the 22nd may be the only option.

With this pregnancy comes the same fears and nerves that one would expect after delivering a 24 week micro preemie. We were very blessed to be able to carry Grace to 36 weeks and we are praying for the same blessing this time around.

This past Wednesday, the 2nd, I had a McDonald Cerclage placed to help give my cervix the strength it needs to carry the pregnancy. I am also receiving weekly progesterone shots on Thursdays which will hopefully help my body stave off labor. Although research has not proven that these shots actually help there is nothing to prove they do not. Since we had incredible success carrying Grace with both the shots and the cerclage we are repeating everything we did that successfully helped me carry her to 36 weeks.

We find out in less than a few weeks now what the baby's sex is and to say I am growing impatient is an understatement! I am very lucky to have one of each so I really do not care what the baby is as long as he/she is healthy! Of course there are benefits to us having a boy or girl:

GIRL: Since Grace was our last baby all of her clothes are out and readily accessible. She is currently in the bigger of the two bedrooms and the two kids that are the same sex will obviously be sharing a room so if this is a girl there would be no swapping of children and rooms. We have a name already picked out, Annabelle Chloe, so no problems there! I never had a sister and would absolutely LOVE for Grace to be able to have a sister.

BOY: I would be very fortunate to *hopefully* get to experience a full-term birth for a baby boy. We were able to experience full-term with Grace and it would be nice if we got to enjoy the same experience with a boy. Ian never had a brother and would love for Jacob to be able to enjoy having a brother.

The only downside to a boy is we cannot agree on a name for the life of us. I finally was able to force Ian to sit down last night and make a list of baby names he would even consider (not just liked) and out of the website's TOP 500 baby names of 2009 he was only able to come up with 9!! Also, I want to add that one of them was a joke (Francisco....anyone see Elf?!) and I immediately scratched Reuben off the list (I am not naming my kid after one of his favorite sandwiches).

That being said we have a list now of the names he'll consider with the ridiculous ones scratched off and the ones I would consider and we have: Joshua, Micah, Jonah and Adam. Personally, I only LIKE two of them so we still have our work cut out for us.

Now that I am feeling better and well into my second trimester (16w4d) I will try to catch up on my blogging. I have so much to update! Jacob starts preschool in 3 weeks and he also turns THREE! We will be celebrating Toy Story style later this month. Grace is a talking machine. This girl takes after her Mama and amazes me every day with the things she can do/say. She is currently learning her alphabet (right now she knows every 6th or 7th letter) and she knows the words to her favorite books by heart! That's all for now though. Ian is back to work today and I am fresh off a 48 hour mandated bed rest due to my surgery so it is back to the grind!

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  1. What a fun Blog! Good luck with the pregnancy, I am your newest follower and would be thrilled if you followed me back.



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