Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jacob turns THREE!

This past Saturday, I threw together the poorest planned birthday party we have ever thrown. I blame the pregnancy, but I just could not get it together. Usually I have these things planned out months in advance, but I have just been so tired and so sick that a party was the last thing on my mind.

Those of you who know me know I live for my kids' parties and it is all about the details. On Friday afternoon, I still had no clue what we were going to eat, what I was going to do about cupcakes and what I was going to bag for favors. All I had was the cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers and favor bags. That's it.

I must say it all came together pretty quickly and everything panned out okay. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a Winter birthday party. Our Gambrel is only a little over 1500 sq ft total so when you have 8 kids running around the downstairs it can get pretty hectic. I am pretty sure this is the last party we'll have at home. We have looked into a few local indoor options and think that next year when Jacob turns four it will be a good year to venture out. The options we had this year were rather expensive considering you had to pick one of their themes and couldn't bring your own food/cake in. The toys at this place for Jacob's age group are mostly things like Step2 playhouses and cozy coupes and we have all that stuff at home so paying a couple hundred bucks, plus extra for food for the adults, didn't seem worth it.

This year we went with the Toy Story theme and the party was all things Buzz and Woody. Jacob was up at the crack of dawn (6 AM) and started yelling, "Party! Party!". We tried to convince him to go back to sleep, but no such luck. Jacob usually sleeps in until at least 7 and doesn't go down for a nap until 1:30 or 2. His party was scheduled to start at 12:30 and he got up so early we attempted to put him down at 10:30 for a short nap and he ended up sleeping until noon! We were good to go!

Here are a few pics of the day. Jacob received so many nice gifts, many Toy Story related, and really seemed to enjoy himself. This is the first year he had any interest in opening gifts and he actually ate the pizza we had for lunch! He never eats pizza!! He also blew out the candle for the first time so it was a banner year!

Can I also mention that I was pregnant for Jacob's first AND third birthdays?! Grace is turning two most likely THE VERY DAY we are tentatively scheduled to have this baby and seeing as I, a.) have to deliver early b.) was hospitalized with her around 30 weeks and c.) have hideously disgusting, throbbing cankles around week 33, I am planning her party already and throwing it a month early. I cannot get stuck in the rut I was for Jacob's party! Not to mention this is the last party Grace will ever have that is all about her. Since she and baby-who-does-not-yet-have-a-definite-name will have the same birthday they will be having a joint party!


  1. I don't think it was obvious to anyone that you weren't prepared for the turned out great. The only thing I would recommend is using photoshop to get me out of the family pictures! :)

  2. I can not get over those party bags, so cute! Your boy looks thrilled! That is what is all about, you did a great job! It looks like you were well prepared!



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