Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's A Boy!!!

I am so excited! We have so much to do as far as switching the kids' bedrooms around and agreeing on a name, but I am very excited at the possibility of experiencing a full-term birth with a boy. I am also very happy for our budget which most likely would have suffered severely is this was a girl. I have a "things I want/need for the new baby" list and let's just say the girl list was twice as long as the boy list.

We weren't supposed to find out for at least another week or two, but I ended up in the ER last night due to some mild cramping and light spotting. I was 100% sure the baby was fine and it was my stitch, but I wanted to make sure nothing was happening with the stitch (dilation, funneling, tearing, etc.) so I went to the ER to play it safe. The baby is fine, the stitch looked good and I left with orders to drink more water....lots of it. I am really terrible about getting my fluids in and I am the first to admit it so I really have to stay on top of that.

My u/s tech was AWESOME and I think she sensed how nervous I was about the whole situation. We started talking about Jacob and why I had the cerclage and I think she ended up feeling bad so she decided to give me an impromptu look at the baby. I told her how everyone was so concerned about my cerclage with Grace that I never got an u/s pic of her at my anatomy scan and how we didn't get to really see anything. She went over everything with this little guy and the baby was so active! He was drinking amniotic fluid (you could actually see him chomping/gulping away!!!) and sucking his thumb the entire ultrasound. It was so cute! Unfortunately, baby boy is breech and was sitting indian style right on top of my cervix so she wasn't sure she'd be able to see anything, but when she got it to the right angle it was VERY clear to me that this one is a boy. She said she can't say with 100% confidence, but she would guess boy based on what we saw.

The baby is getting bigger and in the past 4 days I have felt him every day so I think it is safe to say that I will be getting punched/kicked a lot in the future. Yesterday, it seriously felt like he was practicing karate in there. I was getting kicks and chops every few seconds.

Ian is working today and I am trying to contain my excitement about buying all things blue. I have a $25 coupon to Gap that is worth $50 so I am trying not to sprint to the Mall and pick this baby up a few new sleepers/onesies so he has something to call his own. I am also excited to pull all of Jacob's clothes down from the attic and start going through them to see what we have. Luckily, Jacob was due in July and this baby is scheduled to be born in July so all the clothes we bought for Jacob should fit this baby unless he ends up being a monster! I can only remember a handful of the outfits Jacob had so I am sure it will be fun sorting through everything and remembering when "Jacob wore this" or "Jacob came home in that".

Let the planning/painting/name game begin!

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