Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Collapsed air sacs

Well, it turns out Jacob did not have an infection after all! His poor little air sacs in his lungs collapsed again. :(

It all makes sense to us now because he sounded almost like he was wheezing when we were there Sunday and that would be why. They pulled him off nasal cannula around 7 PM on Sunday night and he was instantly better. The nurses were pretty impressed that he made it a whole week without having to go back on CPAP so we will just call that his warm up. They are hoping that in a week or so they can try weaning him off again (hopefully for good!).

In the meantime, they have stopped his antibiotics since he doesn't have an infection and they are still feeding him with no problems. He was up to 3 lb 2 oz as of last night! Until next time....

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