Friday, May 9, 2008


Drumroll please......

Jacob weighed 3 lbs 1 oz as of last night! He has finally hit our next goal of 3 pounds!!! There is, of course, some not so good news to go along with this. He has fluid in his lungs again . They did a chest x-ray this morning and he looked "a little puffy" so they gave him more lasix this morning to help him try and pee out the excess. We are still pretty happy because he has been gaining an ounce a day for the past 4 or 5 days which is what he should be doing, so last night he should have been 2 lb 15 oz so he would have been right on track to hit 3 lbs tonight either way. I am also sad to report that his weight gain has all gone to is face so my little Mr. Magoo is no more. He now has a perfectly round, chubby, little baby face. Check out the three new pictures for proof!

Jacob also had a procedure yesterday to examine his kidneys which have looked a little swollen. They were concerned he might have reflux of his kidneys. This is when urine backs up from the valves back into the kidneys which can then cause them to look swollen on the ultrasound. If this was the case he would require surgery to repair the valves. If he did not have reflux they said they will just monitor him and have him come in for a follow-up in about 6 months. Fortuately, he does NOT have reflux .

Jacob is my hero! He is working so hard to beat all the odds and I am so proud. He has a long road ahead of him, but with God's help I think he'll do just fine.

Thank you again for all the cards, comments, e-mails, etc. Ian and I appreciate every single one of them! Stay tuned for another update later this week.

Our next goal: Moving to Jordan Hospital in Plymouth!!

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