Monday, May 5, 2008

Nasal Cannula!!

Today we walked into the NICU and went right to Jacob's isolette to check in on him as we do every day. As we are standing there staring at him his nurse Linda walks in and goes, "Surprise!". Instinctively, we start looking around trying to figure out what the surprise is. He is off CPAP and on nasal cannula!!! We were staring right at him and didn't even notice!!! Last night around midnight they noticed his nose was breaking down a little bit from the CPAP and decided to give him a break for a few minutes and put him on nasal cannula and he did so well with it they just left it in!

He also had his blood work done today and his thyroid and his electrolytes came back normal, but his liver enzymes were a little off so they have to keep an eye on that, but other than that he looks good.

He also had an eye exam today and as expected he doesn't have ROP, but it is still too early to tell so as they told us a few days ago the consensus is that his eyes are still "immature".

They have finally leveled out his electrolytes and we are hoping to see his weight gain start picking up. He is 2 lb 11 oz as of last night so hopefully he will continue gaining at an appropriate rate.

That is all the news for today, but it is great news! More to come later this week.

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