Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mr. Magoo

Jacob had his renal ultrasound today (technically yesterday at this point!) and the results came back great! They said everything appears normal and is functioning properly so that is good news. They chalked his high direct hyperbilirubin levels up to starting his feeds late and have decided to give him the meds just in case. Since they were there and had an ultrasound machine they decided to look for his gallbladder (don't ask me why!) and he has one so YAY! They seemed pretty happy about that so I don't know if some babies born this early are missing their gallbladders or what, but if they are happy, I am happy. They did take a look at his kidneys as well and said one is showing signs of immaturity, but that is not a surprise. He is still technically a 30 week "fetus" he is just now cooking in his "womb with a view" as the nurses like to call it. He will obviously grow a lot slower this way. :)

In other news, he is having his eyes tested on Monday. This is the first of what will probably be many exams so stay tuned for updates regarding this. During these exams they are looking to make sure his blood vessels are growing properly. She said the first exam will probably once again only show "immaturity" which tells us nothing, but they will continue testing his eyes until he leaves.

Check out the new pic of Jacob and the pic of his twin (the two pics are side by side). I think there is a striking resemblance between the two. I have started to call him my little Mr Magoo. ;)

More to come. Very tired....must go to sleep. Goodnight!

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