Monday, July 26, 2010

Poor, little Chicken Wing. :(

Well, since most of you know what happened here is a brief recap:

Ian was changing Jacob's diaper in the Living Room last night around bedtime. Ian realized he forgot to get a diaper and when he walked across the room to get one Jacob saw that as his chance to escape. He flipped over and took off running across the living room floor and slipped on our hardwood floors. His right leg twisted underneath him and Ian heard the crack. Ian immediately picked him up and both of them were in tears. I guess the crack was pretty bad. I came running from the dining room, we scooped Jacob and Grace up, dropped Grace off with my AWESOME neighbor (thanks, Linds!) and rushed Jacob to the ER.

At first, Jordan was telling us this type of injury typically involves bleeding so it would require surgery to fix. Since he is so small, and his injury will require extensive orthopedic care, they had to send him to Boston. They asked if I had a preference and I told them I would send him wherever they thought best. They said the options were Floating Hospital or Children's Hospital and both were more than capable of handling this type of injury. Since he was born at Floating and they did a great job with him there (and we are familiar with the ins and outs of that hospital because of follow-up clinics and Ophthalmologist appointments) we decided to go to Floating.

At Jordan, they gave him an IV (with morphine) and splinted his leg and he was transported via ambulance last night around 10 PM to Tufts Medical Center. Ian rode with him and I went home to relieve my Dad of watching Gracie since he had picked her up at my neighbor's earlier in the evening.

He is on morphine and vicodin currently and was in and out all last night waking up to watch the occasional Elmo episode. Ian said he got a couple/few hours sleep total. They transported him in his car seat and don't want to risk moving him anymore than they have to so he is still in his car seat, but he is a trooper.

As far as things look this morning, nothing appears to have changed overnight with the swelling/bleeding situation. Since he is so little and kids this age are resilient and heal much faster than older kids they are not going to need to operate and will just set his leg in a spica cast this morning. If he was older, he would have needed rods put in his leg for this type of injury so I am happy to report that he will not be in the hospital as long as originally thought!!

I will update again when I have more news, but as of right now it is looking like he'll spend a few days at the hospital and come home towards the middle/end of this week.

They gave him a teddy bear at Jordan last night and through sobs he kept yelling "BEAR!" and hugging onto it for dear life. I took a picture of him when he had calmed down and started to nod off. He has a "Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh My!" hospital johnny so we kept pointing out the bears to him on his johnny. He also got a sticker for being so brave! He was definitely in good spirits considering the injury. He was attempting to sing songs with me through his heaving sobs and even recited "I Love You As Much" with me by memory. It's his favorite book. :)

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