Saturday, July 31, 2010


That word pretty much sums up both kids these days. Grace is bored in the play room and hates playing by herself when I am tending to Jacob. She is SO bored that she is passing out in random places throughout the house at the drop of a hat:

Jacob is miserable sitting in his bean bag or on the couch for the majority of the day. We try and rotate him pretty frequently so he doesn't get bored and throw a tantrum, but he usually throws one anyway. He is so frustrated and I don't think he understands that I can't just take his cast off. He keeps pointing at it and saying all done. Poor guy. Every time I attempted to move him, feed him, change his diaper, etc. yesterday he was swiping at my face with his hand. He is clearly not happy with me.

We are fortunate that each kid has a bean bag and they were both gifted with fold-out couches for their birthdays so we have one of each set up in different rooms throughout the house so we don't have to keep moving his bed up and down stairs. We tried setting him up on Grace's fold-out couch in the play room so he could play, but all he was able to do was stack mega blocks. It did keep him occupied, but how sad are these pictures:

He is obsessed with the purple blocks and usually when his PT comes to the house we have to hide them so he doesn't beeline for them. Obviously, we are letting him play with whatever he wants these days.

Last night, we gave him a sponge bath and got him ready for bed. We think we might do this every night because this was the easiest he has gone down since we got home, however, he was up at 4 AM and didn't want to go back to bed. We ended up dragging his blankets, pillows and animals into bed with us and Ian and I were clinging to the edge of our Queen bed for dear life. At this point, Jacob decided it would be fun to start shouting the names of random Sesame Street characters. It started with Oscar! (followed by 30 seconds of silence) then Big Bird! (followed by another 30 seconds of silence) then ERNIE!!! louder as if to say "why aren't you participating"?! Ian was like, "Yes, buddy...Ernie." For the next 15 minutes there was complete silence so I picked my head up to look at him and see if he was sleeping. He was not.....BEAR! It was time to name animals. Needless to say, I am a little tired today. :(

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