Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's wrong with this picture??

A couple of weeks ago, I went into the kids' rooms to check on them before heading to bed like I do every night. Imagine my surprise when I opened Jacob's bedroom door and he was GONE.

Panic immediately set in as a million thoughts raced through my brain. His AC is still in the window so nobody came in through there....did someone seriously sneak past me downstairs and kidnap my child right under my nose....did he figure out how to get the child safety lock off the doorknob and escape himself.....and then I saw it. Do you see it?

Here....let me help:

That is my child sleeping UNDER his bed. He can barely squeeze under there and I don't know what his fascination is with being under the bed and not on it, but there have only been two nights the past two weeks that we have gone in to check on him and actually found him IN his bed and not UNDER it.


  1. I slept in my closet and then under my (bunk) bed for several years as a child. My husband thinks its disturbing, but I turned out ok:)

  2. Haha! Good to know Sara! I told my husband maybe this just means he'll be one of those kids who likes to sleep in forts made out of pillows and blankets.


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