Friday, August 27, 2010

Girl's Night Out

Tonight I am heading out with Gracie for a Mommy/Daughter date night!

We are going to stuff our faces with Grilled Cheese at Panera (well, Grace is) and I am going shopping with the first of my three Gap Groupons. I can't wait to buy all of those horrid 80's fashion trends that were so hideous back then, but are oh-so-cute today on a 13 month old!

I figured since I bought one for each kid and one for Winter coats that I would take each kid out for some one-on-one time with Mama to buy their clothes. Not like they care at this age, but with Jacob commanding so much attention these days I am being careful to make sure I don't pay more attention to one than the other.

I wonder if Grace is going to look back at pictures of herself dressed in neon, leggings, jelly sandals and leg warmers and give me the same horrific look I gave my mother when she showed me pictures of myself in corduroys and ruffle sleeve turtlenecks sporting a bowl cut? Only time will tell!

Now if only they could bring back snap bracelets. These silly bandz are getting on my nerves....

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