Monday, August 9, 2010


Tomorrow we say good bye to the blue cast and hello to the green cast.

Jacob is set to go under around 11, have the bone reset and then have the green cast (by his request) put on. We are scheduled to arrive at 9 AM which means a lovely HOV lane ride into Boston during the morning rush hour and a lengthy wait with an antsy toddler. Thoughts and prayers please. :)

We are dropping Gracie off at Auntie Jill's for the day and so Ian and I figured that since the 90 minute wait last time was enough to kill us we will distract ourselves by grabbing a quick lunch at one of the neighboring restaurants. We rarely get time to ourselves or a meal where we are not cutting up someone else's food and feeding it to them before we feed ourselves so this will be a treat and something to take our minds off the fact that Jacob is having to endure all of this AGAIN.

We ask that you pray that he comes through this quickly and we are able to take him home sooner rather than later. Please pray that this is the last time that the bone becomes misaligned and we have to go through all of this again. Please pray that the 2 weeks of muscle spasms post-procedure are not as bad the second time around.

I will update tomorrow from the hospital once he is out and in recovery.

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