Friday, August 13, 2010

Ready for Fall

I miss opening the gate to the play room and watching him take off down the hallway for the kitchen because he knows it is breakfast/lunch/dinner time.

I miss holding his hand as we walk down the front stairs and watching him take off as fast as he can down the walkway for the car.

I miss walking in the mall and holding his hand as he walks beside me or "helps" me push the stroller with Grace in it.

I miss him standing in the play room practicing his jumping.

I miss him practicing the soccer skills I have been so diligently teaching him.

I know it is only for a few more weeks, but I hope he recovers rather quickly so we can enjoy what is left of the nice weather. I hate to wish Summer away, but I am ready for the Fall! I am so excited to take the kids apple picking, to pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, to have our family portraits taken with the Fall foliage, to bake apple crisp and apple pie, etc. Fall is my favorite season and even though we didn't make it to the beach once this year (not once!) I am happy to say I would rather have Jacob in a cast over the last Summer months then in a cast for the Fall months our family enjoys so much.

In Jacob news, he is doing really well with his new cast although we have learned the hard way that he doesn't fit in his stroller or his old highchair like he did with the old cast. We have resorted to feeding him in his bean bag and our trip to SS Plaza this week was a 5 minute trip inside to return something once we realized one of us was going to have to carry him the whole time. He has to weigh at least 10-15 pounds heavier with this thing! The muscle spasms never returned which is FABULOUS news because Ian and I hardly survived the first round. We were all exhausted!

Grace has adjusted well. She is working on taking steps around the house so she has momentarily forgotten that her buddy has been sidelined and that she has nobody to play with except Mama. When I prop Jacob up in the play room to get him away from the TV for an hour she usually tramples him and climbs all over him which results in yells of "help!" from Jacob. I think his face says it all:

Jacob is turning into quite the couch potato so I am trying to find new things to do to occupy him without boring him and it is quite the challenge. The other day I was asking Jacob if he wanted Oatmeal or Yogurt and he was in the zone that is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I stepped in front of the TV and said, "JACOB! Oatmeal or Yogurt?!" and he responded by pointing at the TV and yelling, "ON!!! ON!!!" basically "my show is on get out of the way".

A few pictures of Grace so she doesn't feel like she is getting the shaft:

Someone wasn't happy when they realized milk comes out of the sippy cup when you shake it violently:

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