Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Official....

The cast comes off on September 9th!

Unfortunately, that also means that our days of this:

and this:

are numbered. By the time the cast comes off Fall will be a little over a week away and the Summer of 2010 will only be a memory. Considering it has been 70 degrees or warmer since mid-March I can't complain. We had the most unbelievable Spring New England has had in my lifetime and an awesome, although VERY HOT, Summer.

The doctor said they see lots of new bone growth around the fracture which is GREAT news and he is healing wonderfully. He said there has been slight movement of the bone, but not enough to make them want to reset and cast it again. He said the degree of difference is around 5-7 degrees and it was 25 degrees when they had to reset it last time.

We've asked the doctor what we can expect when Jacob gets the cast off and were surprised to hear that he will not require extensive PT like we assumed he would. The doctor said kids this age do their own therapy. He also said Jacob will know when he is doing too much and take it easy. I can't see Jacob slowing himself down, but we shall see! He may go back to crawling for awhile until he gets the nerve to get back up on his feet, but by the time he gets the cast off Grace may very well be full blown walking and I can't see Jacob letting her have the upper hand for even a second.

Seeing as it is 66 degrees today (?!?!?!) and the forecast is predicting cooler weather for the beginning of this week I am hoping to get the kids out for a walk if the rain stops for 5 minutes. We haven't been able to hang outside at all because Jacob sweats so much with the cast. I am hoping the cooler air will let us enjoy the outdoors for a few days.

I have also started packing up the majority of the Summer clothes and started lugging out all the Fall/Winter clothes I bought over the last clearance season. It seems I was right on with my predictions because I bought Jacob all 18-24m pants and 18-24m and 2T tops. I think he'll just start fitting in the pants and he finally went into 18-24 month tops this past Spring. I wouldn't be surprised with all the eating he has been doing and the fact that he is immobile that he fits in the pants just fine! I bought Grace a combo of some 12-18m and some 18-24m since either way she'll be fitting in both sizes at some point this Fall/Winter. For some reason, when I went shopping for her I had a thing for purple because 90% of all her clothes are purple. Oh, well! That's what you get when you try and do the anti-pink thing!

Groupon had an awesome deal the other day! A $50 groupon for Gap for only $25 so we bought three! I buy the majority of the kids stuff off the babyGap clearance rack so they will not go to waste especially with the Fall/Winter seasons fast approaching they will both need jackets, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, etc. I am also on the Old Navy Insider Panel and take surveys for them and earn gift cards which are also good at babyGap and I have been accumulating those so I will have a nice little shopping spree soon for practically nothing!

I hope to have a video posted soon of Gracie taking steps so stay tuned for that!

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