Friday, August 6, 2010

Take 2

As of most of you have heard by now, Jacob's appointment was not exactly as we had imagined. Being the optimist I am, I assumed they would tell me all of the remarkable healing that has happened since Jacob's cast was put on and how "resilient" toddlers are and that this was totally expected. That wasn't exactly what they told us....

In fact, after they did x-rays and we got a look (for the first time) at the actual x-ray I have a feeling we're going to be more on the 12 weeks end of this than the 6 week end. The fracture Jacob has is vertical and extends approximately two-thirds the length of his femur. When they said it was broken, I imagined a crack horizontally separating the top and bottom in half. What is actually going on is his femur is basically split in half the long way. Kind of like how you would imagine a splintered log.

We waited for about 45 minutes after the x-ray to see the doctor and he came in with his two assistants and they gave us the bad news. Jacob's bone has moved since the casting. I guess this isn't very uncommon, but this means he has to go back next Tuesday, be put under anesthesia again (which is nerve wracking in and of itself), have the bone reset and then recasted .

The worst part of this news is that our time table of 6-12 weeks starts over again. It is basically like the past 2 weeks was for nothing. Worst case scenario now is that Jacob will have this cast on until November 2nd. Best case scenario is September 21st. I am approaching this with the same attitude I did when Jacob was going to come home from the NICU. Plan on the later date so we're not disappointed and if it ends up being earlier then it's a bonus! I just feel so bad for Jacob and I am a little disappointed since Fall is our favorite season. We have family pictures scheduled, plans to go apple picking, to the pumpkin patch, etc. Obviously we will still go do those things (minus the pictures if the cast is still on!), but it will be no fun with Jacob sitting in a stroller the whole time. Hopefully, he'll get the cast off earlier and we can still have our family pictures taken.

The guy who put Jacob's cast on the first time came in to check out the cast and see what sort of shape it was in and he said we are doing a fabulous job with the upkeep of it. He asked Jacob what color cast he wanted next time and Jacob said green so the guy sent us home with green fiberglass since they don't have any colors other than blue and pink in the Operating Room. I thought that was nice of him.

Our friends Colleen and Jay are getting married tonight and Ian and I are going to the wedding while Papa and Gaga watch the kids. This couldn't have come at a better time. We are in desperate need of a night out of this house so we can come home recharged ready to tackle this all over again. Luckily, the wedding is right down the street at the Pine Hills Golf Club so we are close if Jacob has a difficult time. Fortunately, he usually wakes up with the muscle spasms between 10:30 and 11:00 so we should have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves!

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